Cervical Erosion Vaginitis Treatment Vaginal Tightening And Rejuvenation Laser Therapy Device


· Sterilize vaginal bacteria (Coleitis) such as Coccus,Bacillus or albicans saccharomyces, also repair the vaginal mucosa
· Vaginal Tightening ( Birth Canal rehabilitation)
· Immune Enhancer vagina
· Detox
· Postpone menopause
· Eliminate Odors and pruritus
· Increase the vaginal sensitive to improve sex life quality.
· Treat Stress Incontinence


The Effective treatment therapy process is painless, short and pure green. The vibration is highly enjoyable. It is also multi-functional: The massage function is a fun toy to mess with, and creates endless pleasure with efficiency. At a fraction of the cost of similar devices, and at only 10 minutes per day, you can see results as soon as 3-6 weeks. Joins thousands of women who already discovered the  Vaginal Rejuvenation Wand!

  • 💖 A non-invasive, painless alternative to improving vaginal health, tightening and overall wellness through innovative light therapy and vibration.
  • 🤸‍♀️ From postpartum to menopause MyElle is helping women feel more confident.
  • ❤️ Red Light at 650nm can penetrate deep into the dermal layers of the skin to stimulate blood flow and increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients.
  • 💙 Blue Light LED 477nm has the most significant impact on the surface layers of the skin and will leave you feeling fresh without affecting your delicate pH balance.
  • 🌫️ Vibration setting increases blood flow in the region and stimulates the sensory function of nerve endings. This leads to enhanced vaginal sensitivity and improved sexual satisfaction.


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