Electronic Body Pulse Massager Pain Relief Therapy Device


  • 1 Digital display for treatment guide
  • Uses the infrared physical therapy electrodes
  • Improves your body circulation, relieves your pain and promotes your metabolism
  • Suitable for waist, shoulders, legs, foot massage and physical therapy, do the physical therapy for the four parts of your body at the same time
  • 4 therapeutic modes: vibrate thump, Shiatsu, Massage, Pat and Scrape therapy
  • 8 Massage modes and 10 massage power levels
  • Power Supply: 3* AA Batteries or USB Cable

The Electronic Body Slimming Pulse Massager Pain Relief Stimulator is the one-stop solution to your pain relief needs. Whether you suffer from lower back, arm, shoulder or leg pain, this machine will help relieve it. It also includes acupuncture slippers and electrode pads for added benefits.

Range of application:
Stiff shoulder, end neural paralysis, neuralgia, shank ache, whole body fatigue, stomachache, bad cold, cervical vertebra neck ache, arthritis, toothache, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, energy failure, weak performance, irregular menstruation, various acute chronic disease

How to use


Step 1:Place the electrode pads on the body(Note: Treatment can’t be effected unless both of the two electrodes or four electrodes onto the body surface).

Step 2:Connect the electrode pads to the electrode wires and connect to the device

Step 3:Start the device, set the mode, and adjust the gear


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